Salon Emage Day Spa in Warrenton, VASalon Emage Day Spa in Warrenton, VA


Our therapists perform time honored techniques with a personal touch. All massage therapies can be customized to your precise needs.

Soothing Touch 30 minute $60 / 55 minute $90 / 80 minute $125
Salon Emage’s Signature Swedish Massage. Ideal for reducing tension, soothing sore muscles and increasing circulation.

Aromatic Enlightenment 30minute $65 / 55 minute $95 /  80 minute $130
Perfect for a first time massage experience, this variation on our signature massage is enhanced with your choice of essential aromatic oils.

Inner Balance 30 minute $70 / 55 minute $105/ 80 minute $145
This dynamic massage technique is directed toward specific areas of tension and imbalance in the muscles.
Deep tissue massage uses a variety of techniques to loosen specific areas and increase circulation.
We recommend this therapy for the physically active person, and those who enjoy a more vigorous massage.
This therapy is not recommended for pregnant women.

Hot Stone Therapy 55 minute $145 / 80 minute $170
Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage with smooth, heated Basalt Lava Stones from the shores of Sri Lanka.
These stones stimulate your chakras balancing your chi.

Target Zone Therapy 30 minutes $70
Our therapist will consult with you to find and address your body's tension zones. Tight knotted muscles in back and shoulders, or hands and feet, are smoothed and loosened.

Pre/ Post Natal Massage Therapy 55 minute $105 / 80 minute $135 
Our highly trained therapist will customize your experience to your specific needs. 
Whether you are expecting or have just delivered, this specialty therapy addresses your ever changing body and minimizes discomfort.

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